Friday, 13 June 2008

Miscellaneous nonsense

Not much going on at the minute really. If you’re interested in motorsport (which I’m not ironically) then the firm I work for are competing in the World Rally Championship in Turkey this weekend as well as running a racing team at Le Mans 24 hour race tomorrow.

Just thought I’d mention it really…don’t really give a fuck meself.

Book wise – I can sum up what’s happening in three words…..Absolutely fucking nowt!

I’m undecided whether to start plotting a new fiction book or scribble some bits for a new non fiction book I’m thinking of writing with a view to selling parts of it as articles to the various lads mags.

I was gonna call it ‘The Fasthands Theory – Blood, sweat and beers’ and it’ll be about me learning to box – what do you reckon?

That apart I’m going out tomorrow on a twelve hour pass so that’ll be messy – I understand my ‘friends in the north’ are doing the same so I’ll be there in spirit – texting abuse all day!

Anyway, that’s it, have a good one and as ever, if owt happens you’ll know first.


Ps – even though I don’t care about motorsport I am narked that the driveshaft’s fucked on my car – cheers God!


Daz said...

Your car's are always fucked, don't think i could swing a driveshaft day.

vicks said...

The 'Blood , sweat & beers' sounds like a good idea for a column, every week leading up to the first fight - sure the lads mags would love it - doesnt every bloke secretly want to batter the fuck out of someone with a big crowd watching & cheering him on?

Rivs said...

Yup - Unfortunately at my gym it's usually me getting fuck battered out of him with a big crowd watching!