Monday, 27 July 2009

Signing On....


Been a while like I know but I've had some stuff gannin on which has left me a bit discombobulated (my favourite word!).

The main ones being that I'm about to be made redundant and have been placed on 'Garden Leave' meaning I'm out of the way and can't nick owt whilst they pretend to decide whether to make me redundant when in actual fact the decision was made fucking weeks ago!

The other thing gannin on is obviously, my award winng book* 'I'm Rivelino', which I shall be signing at two (that's TWO) Borders stores this weekend.

Borders Wallsend (Silverlink)

Borders Team Valley

These links are the events pages for the stores and if you scroll down them it should have my 'appearance' times...get me eh!

Anyway, I'm off to the job centre - might see you Saturday?

* I'm Rivelino - Best book written by a Byker lad this week...