Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Writing News...

Afternoon boys and girls long time no see,

I've been busy lately hence the lack of posts but it's been for a worthwhile cause...basically me.

I'm starting to edit the fourth and final draft of the seminal and definitive working class autobiography 'I'm Rivelino - A life of two halves' and thanks to focussing all my time and energy on it lately it's got to this stage right on the deadline I set myself originally.

Anyway, if you want to read some extracts before the world goes mad for it and you can't get a copy then have a look here (it's my proper website) :-

Rivs proper website where he doesn't use the C word much

Let me know how you get on.


Monday, 21 April 2008

Everything is Average nowadays - part 7

Local elections and lying cunts on my doorstep, bosses who are a complete fucking joke and appear to get off on having some sort of power over you, Ashley Cole (hate the cheating twat – have done ever since he went through a phase of going down holding his face to get people sent off), publishers who don’t get back to you when they say they will, Students, the British Media, Idiots who believe everything they read in the aforementioned British media, Jeremy Kyle – the worst kind of hypocrite, Kerry Katona – mouthy fat bint, Chris Moyles – no particular reason just that he’s a fat bully who died on his arse at the Brits when faced with a live crowd and none of his sycophants to back him up, Politicians – all fucking scum, HR people who cover for their mates and make everyone else’s lives miserable in the process, bad backs that stop you training, hangovers…in foreign cities…in the sunshine, Makems, Football columnists in newspapers that should know better than to slag off certain managers before they’ve even had a chance to sort out the shite they’ve inherited but then go really quiet and can’t bring themselves to admit they’re wrong when the manager in question wins four games out of five – wankers, did I mention politicians?

All shite - Fact.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Spanish Ayes...

Afternoon all, I haven’t posted much over the last few days as I spent the weekend in Barcelona…yeah I know, I’m a cosmopolitan, windswept and interesting kinda guy.

As it happens I lived and worked in Barca (that’s what us locals call it) back in the day and had a great time. My job was on a building site and involved a lot of blagging on my part, think Auf Wiedersehen Pet, particularly when Neville was pretending to be a chippie, and you’ve got the idea.

Anyway, my weekend there was just as good as it always is (I’ve been a few times in the last six or seven years for various reasons) and I had a top time. Highlights included :-

Getting a lock in at a very local bar
Eating mountains of tapas
Visiting the hotel I built for the first time in fifteen years
Discovering I could still speak conversational Spanish (well, I can order a sandwich!)
And of course, necking copious amounts of Cerveza

Nothing much happened on the publishing front while I was away but I’m sure there’ll be developments soon.

In the meantime I'm thinking of scribbling a quirky travel book on my second favourite city – I might call it ‘Spanish Ayes...A weekend in the life of Julio Geordio’

Adios muchachos.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Good causes...

In an attempt to gain back some 'good karma' points from the big lad upstairs I have agreed to help out someone less fortunate than myself - ie a Spurs fan!

Basically there's a charity auction of a signed Newcastle Shirt (which won't be of interest to at least two of my regulars - philistines that they are) which won't actually cost people too much money and will benefit the Merlin Project (A multiple sclerosis charity) - see below for the details.

Hi mate First of all, congrats on a great site. I'm actually a Spurs fan living in Newcastle (so I guess I owe you another congrats for tanking us a couple of weeks ago!).

Anyway - I have a current squad signed NUFC shirt, which I'm putting up for a "reverse bid" auction for charity. I wonder if you'd be kind enough to advertise it on your site, please? There's a £2.50 entry fee (per bid - so if you donate a tenner, you can bid four times). The person with the lowest unique bid wins the shirt. This is the same shirt that retailed in the club shop in Eldon Square for £350and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the club. The frame alone is worth £100, and stands 1.15m tall and is signed by the current squad. The charity is for Multiple Sclerosis care - the Merlin Project. They are a joy to work with, as they are always so genuinely and personally grateful for any funding through events such as this.

http://www.merlinproject.org.uk (registered charity number 1093691).

The auction is now up, and closes on Sunday May 4, so people have four weeks to put their bids in. With each donation of £2.50 or more, as long as they've given a valid e-mail address, they get an acknowledgement e-mail with instructions on how to bid.

The page is all set up and running at: http://www.justgiving.com/spursornothing

(Forgive the URL! After May 5 we'll be focussing on Tottenham, but wanted to make use of your own club's generosity and great fans first).

If anyone, including your site members, have any questions, I'm happy for them to contact me direct at this e-mail. Thanks for your time in reading this, and for the continued work on your website - I know what a hard job it is! I hope you're able to help us. all the best, - Si Twining www.SpursOrNothing.co.uk

Monday, 7 April 2008

Apathetic democratic...

It’s all going to kick off in Zimbabwe any day now – you can just see it can’t you?

Mugabe has obviously been beaten in the election but is staying put anyway, and, as he controls most of the armed forces, I think there’ll be an awful lot of blood spilt before he leaves the presidents office.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well it struck me last night that, while the rest of the world wrings it’s hands about an unelected dictator wrecking the lives of the majority of his countrymen and looking after his sycophants financially, no-one in this country ever voted for Gordon Brown did they?

So whilst his mp’s award themselves big pay rises and use their unchallenged expenses claims (paid for by us, the taxpayers) to fund their tv licences and the like we can sit back safe in the knowledge that at least we don’t live in Zimbabwe.

It’s not like prices are going up every day and only a privileged few have much cash in their pockets is it…..shit!

Ps – Charlton Heston used to proudly stand at those Gun Control meetings in America and raise his rifle, proclaiming loudly that if they wanted to stop him owning a gun they’d have to ‘prise it from my cold dead hands’ – shouldn’t be too much of problem now should it.