Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Good causes...

In an attempt to gain back some 'good karma' points from the big lad upstairs I have agreed to help out someone less fortunate than myself - ie a Spurs fan!

Basically there's a charity auction of a signed Newcastle Shirt (which won't be of interest to at least two of my regulars - philistines that they are) which won't actually cost people too much money and will benefit the Merlin Project (A multiple sclerosis charity) - see below for the details.

Hi mate First of all, congrats on a great site. I'm actually a Spurs fan living in Newcastle (so I guess I owe you another congrats for tanking us a couple of weeks ago!).

Anyway - I have a current squad signed NUFC shirt, which I'm putting up for a "reverse bid" auction for charity. I wonder if you'd be kind enough to advertise it on your site, please? There's a £2.50 entry fee (per bid - so if you donate a tenner, you can bid four times). The person with the lowest unique bid wins the shirt. This is the same shirt that retailed in the club shop in Eldon Square for £350and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the club. The frame alone is worth £100, and stands 1.15m tall and is signed by the current squad. The charity is for Multiple Sclerosis care - the Merlin Project. They are a joy to work with, as they are always so genuinely and personally grateful for any funding through events such as this.

http://www.merlinproject.org.uk (registered charity number 1093691).

The auction is now up, and closes on Sunday May 4, so people have four weeks to put their bids in. With each donation of £2.50 or more, as long as they've given a valid e-mail address, they get an acknowledgement e-mail with instructions on how to bid.

The page is all set up and running at: http://www.justgiving.com/spursornothing

(Forgive the URL! After May 5 we'll be focussing on Tottenham, but wanted to make use of your own club's generosity and great fans first).

If anyone, including your site members, have any questions, I'm happy for them to contact me direct at this e-mail. Thanks for your time in reading this, and for the continued work on your website - I know what a hard job it is! I hope you're able to help us. all the best, - Si Twining www.SpursOrNothing.co.uk


Daz said...

i'd rather bid for a spurs shirt than that shite.

Little Brad said...

I would certainly be putting a bid in for that as I have worshipped Spurs since the days of Mark Falco.

cousin tel said...


(good luck with the auction though mate)