Monday, 21 April 2008

Everything is Average nowadays - part 7

Local elections and lying cunts on my doorstep, bosses who are a complete fucking joke and appear to get off on having some sort of power over you, Ashley Cole (hate the cheating twat – have done ever since he went through a phase of going down holding his face to get people sent off), publishers who don’t get back to you when they say they will, Students, the British Media, Idiots who believe everything they read in the aforementioned British media, Jeremy Kyle – the worst kind of hypocrite, Kerry Katona – mouthy fat bint, Chris Moyles – no particular reason just that he’s a fat bully who died on his arse at the Brits when faced with a live crowd and none of his sycophants to back him up, Politicians – all fucking scum, HR people who cover for their mates and make everyone else’s lives miserable in the process, bad backs that stop you training, hangovers…in foreign cities…in the sunshine, Makems, Football columnists in newspapers that should know better than to slag off certain managers before they’ve even had a chance to sort out the shite they’ve inherited but then go really quiet and can’t bring themselves to admit they’re wrong when the manager in question wins four games out of five – wankers, did I mention politicians?

All shite - Fact.


Anonymous said...

Fly BE airlines for having a website that cons you into paying for services you don't need and then refuses to give you a refund when you notice, cunts, Carlos Tevez, Avram Grant, the people who employed avram grant, whoever it is that keeps moving chelsea's fixtures

Daz said...

Another very agreeable selection, but you missed out the following: past-it yank boxers who fein low blows to get a breather, windows vista for not running cd's that windows XP could, Newcastle supporters at work who think they will win the league next year, Sky who change match schedules and in doing so ruin potential all-day beano's.