Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Guy Fawkes was right, politicians are shite.

So they’ve finally been caught with their greedy, grasping fingers in the till eh? Brilliant.

Predictably; ‘It’s only a minority’, ‘it’s all within the rules and therefore it’s the rules that are to blame not us’, ’it’s all the papers’ fault for reporting it, not ours for stealing the cash in the first place’ and my own personal favourite, ‘it’s okay, I’m paying back the money I stole so you can all move on – nothing to see here officer.’

Imagine this scenario:-

You come home and find a burglar in your house so you take a lump of wood to his head and call the bizzies. When they turn up two weeks later, (having been unavoidably detained at a focus group seminar on the rights of one legged, eastern european, dwarf, single mother lesbians with learning difficulties) and try to nick you for defending yourself, the burglar then pipes up…

‘Actually officer, I wasn’t nicking anything anyway cos I’m going to repay all the cash I took, so technically no crime was committed and therefore this man has just assaulted me for no reason….’

Sounds daft but that’s the precedent that’s being set by the wankers that ‘run’ this country (and haven’t they made a good job of it…) – as far as I’m aware you can’t have different sets of rules in law. So if these horrible arseholes get away with stealing our taxes – at a time when the country’s nearly bankrupt anyway – then theoretically it’s open season and no-one will go to jail ever again.

What do you mean no-one does anyway? God you’re so cynical…..

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Harriet...fuck off Man.


Been a bit of while hasn’t it – sorry about that but they’ve decided at work that they’d like me to actually earn the pittance they give me every month so I’ve been driving a lorry up and down the A5 a lot recently.

Anyway, nowt’s changed really. My blockbusting, warts and all, tongue in cheek, look at the life of a football supporter ‘I’m Rivelino – A Life Of Two Halves’ is still coming out in August and if you’re good I’ll give you a mention when I’m on Jonathan Ross.

I went to see ‘The Specials’ in Birmingham a few weeks back and had a great time, ending up in Wolverhampton at my favourite club in all the world. The next day was a tad challenging though. Remember on the news a while back about a bloke who was handcuffed to a car steering wheel and the car was filled with gas bottles? Well the car was on the track south of Birmingham New Street train station and I was in there…trying to get my train home…which is south of the station….Bugger!

I’ve noticed also that Labour minister Harriet Harman is pushing a bill through Parliament that will make it legal to discriminate against white men! That’s the Labour party that was formed purely to protect the working classes, which at the time of it’s inception, was mainly white men – still they’ve had our money now though haven’t they.

I think someone ought to point out to her that the last fucker to try this shite was a shortarse Austrian who thought he could get away with demonising a certain section of the community back in the 1930’s …and look what happened to him…..

Politicians – all scum.