Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Red, Red whine...


How was your weekend then? Still getting over mine to be honest. Went to the Fairport Convention festival at Cropredy on thursday to see UB40 (my brother-in-law is a cousin of the saxophonist-get me eh!) and stayed till Sunday taking in the likes of The Coral, Hayseed Dixie, Seasick Steve and many more. I also took in a boatload of drink and managed to miss Badly Drawn Boy cos I was at a party that featured a covers band that were fucking ace!

All in all a top weekend. Newcastle even managed to not get beat somehow despite fielding a team of french journeymen, I think we're going to see 'Nil' a lot after the words 'Newcastle United' this season - thanks Mike, hope the £35 million isn't burning too big a hole in your pocket you lying fat cunt.

My books are going well on the Kindle - not as well as if you'd all got a copy though eh.... (right for the jugular - should be on the apprentice me like!)

And that's aboot it. Right, where's the aspirins?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Come Back Around...

Alreet kids,

Yes it's true, you can stop wearing black and whinging about life being shit..I'm back!

To kick things off on my new / old blog I thought I'd point you in the direction of an interview I did last week with a bloke called 'Ed' who runs Byker Books - well I say interview, basically I sat there and got abused by the fucker, still he bought the drinks so nowts the bother!

Anyway, here it is for your delectation :- Close To The Bone

Also, I've been informed that my superb, debut novel (big headed? Moi?) Maxwell's Silver Hammer is now available on the Amazon Kindle for only 99p (virtually giving them away man) and that I'm Rivelino - my epochal sporting bio - is also about to hit the Kindle's virtual shelves for the same price. two top books for £1.98 - that's ya beach reading sorted, just need to nick some suntan lotion when you're rioting and looting later eh....

ps - don't worry there'll be plenty of bile aimed at Ashley, Pardew, Llambias, Students, Chris Moyles and every other feckless fucker on this earth in the future!