Monday, 7 April 2008

Apathetic democratic...

It’s all going to kick off in Zimbabwe any day now – you can just see it can’t you?

Mugabe has obviously been beaten in the election but is staying put anyway, and, as he controls most of the armed forces, I think there’ll be an awful lot of blood spilt before he leaves the presidents office.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well it struck me last night that, while the rest of the world wrings it’s hands about an unelected dictator wrecking the lives of the majority of his countrymen and looking after his sycophants financially, no-one in this country ever voted for Gordon Brown did they?

So whilst his mp’s award themselves big pay rises and use their unchallenged expenses claims (paid for by us, the taxpayers) to fund their tv licences and the like we can sit back safe in the knowledge that at least we don’t live in Zimbabwe.

It’s not like prices are going up every day and only a privileged few have much cash in their pockets is it…..shit!

Ps – Charlton Heston used to proudly stand at those Gun Control meetings in America and raise his rifle, proclaiming loudly that if they wanted to stop him owning a gun they’d have to ‘prise it from my cold dead hands’ – shouldn’t be too much of problem now should it.


Daz said...

Brown is shit but he can't be compared to a bloke who's murdered thousands of his own people...although MRSA must have claimed a few by now.

jcl said...

I was dismayed to say the least on reading that the equivalent of my yearly tax bill is being spent by Mrs Mary Martin on taxis to do her shopping,and what key elected positon does Mrs Martin hold....yep she's the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons!