Monday, 30 March 2009

Reasons to be cheerful 1...2...3

1. My book ‘I’m Rivelino – A Life Of Two Halves’ is being published in the summer and I know of at least three people who’ll buy it so that’s a pint I can afford.
2. When Newcastle go down under the stewardship of Messrs Ashley (fat cunt), Wise (evil little dwarf cunt) and Llambias (greasy cockney spiv cunt) then we’ll play more games on a Saturday, probably win more as we’re in a shiter division and that incompetent fat virgin will lose half of his investment overnight.
3. I’m going drinking with Danny King (top author bloke – if you haven’t discovered him yet you should) in a few weeks and then I’m off to see The Specials the next night with the Wolverhampton mob – woohoo!

Just thought I’d share that with you all.



cousin tel said...

I'll buy it as well so that makes 4, unless you were counting me as one of the three which i suspect you were......newcastle spewcastle......i'm going to see the specials with the wolverhampton mob as well, what a own reason to be cheerful; off to florida on thursday.....woo fucking hoo

Stef said...

Will you take my prize book and get Danny to sign it then?! ...pretty please xx

Rivs said...

Tel, yes i was so no gain there - have a good one in Florida though.! :->