Wednesday, 28 March 2007

For the diary...

Andorra - v - England 19:45 - Sky Sports 1

Here are some statistics for you, the Andorran football league was formed in 1994, their national team have won only one game in their history and they only have a pool of forty two eligible players from which to pick their side. We will win, I do not doubt that, we should win handsomely and with a bit of style, I only half doubt that.

Will we qualify for Euro 2008? Probably. I think we'll limp through and then be knocked out of the competition around about the quarter final stages as usual. This will be accompanied by a collective wailing and gnashing of teeth from the players as they promise to sort it out next time and the press releases from their PR Men trumpeting their autobiographies.

We must be the biggest underachievers in world football and we still pay them fortunes for something a lot of us would do for nothing.

It's a funny old game.


Daz said...

Is anyone that arsed about England anyway? I think that i'd be correct in saying that until we actually get to the tournaments most people would rather watch their team in the Premiership than an England game.
For example how many premiership team supporters are happy when their players pull out of friendly squads - i know i am (unless it's Darren Fletcher)
The international scene is dying on it's arse, the last world cup, with a few exceptions, was terrible (especially for England). It was won by a very poor Italian team who beat an equally poor French team in the final.
In the old days when money wasn't the driving force behind the game then the international scene was the pinnacle for players and supporters alike but now with SKY and The Champions League all of that is out of the window. I bet the likes of Kevin Keegan, Bobby Charlton and Bryan Robson never missed England friendlies with mysteriuos last minute hamstring tweaks and the like.

Rivs said...

You're probably right there Daz, the national team certainly aren't as important as they used to be.

Still as long as they still get paid that's all that concerns them anyway.