Monday, 26 March 2007


I completed my second novel - Special - about a month ago and have been engaged in the clock watching, days counting, fingernail biting process of contacting agents and publishers ever since. My first Novel - Maxwell's Silver Hammer - received an eclectic but ultimately negative response from them all so I'm hoping for better things with this one. Here's some of the blurb:-

Matt Blake has an uncomplicated approach to life; do as little work as he can possibly get away with and spend the weekend drunk and high. Love is not on his agenda and neither Vicki, his new girlfriend, nor the vigilante that’s beating up scrotes are going to change that. Unknown to him however and way before he was even born, a prison guard was murdered in a riot, an event that will affect his life immeasurably, result in him being forced to accept responsibility and even, whisper it softly lest he runs, admit that he’s in love.


Daz said...

Having read both Special and Maxwell's Silver Hammer i can say without any hint of nepotism that they're both well worth a read.If you like 'lad lit' authors such as Kevin Sampson, John King and Irvine Welsh then you'll like these gritty crime based novels. Better than a lot of books which i've spent money on.

Rivs said...

I wish you were a publisher!!