Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Weak Ends (see what I did there...)

Couple of things this morning,

I had a good bank holiday weekend – went to ‘Indie Night’ on the Friday, an event co-promoted and co-hosted by one of my mates and that was belter. The bar he held it in had a drinks promotion on ‘Sol’ so at one point, whilst jumping about to The Jam and trying to keep my lime in my bottletop I thought I was right back in the eighties!

On Sunday of the weekend I went to ‘kill for a seat’ comedy night and watched three comics that were very, very funny – particularly the kiwi who was scared of ‘The North’… yeh mate you should be.

I went to see Pam Ann last night – for those of you who don’t know she’s an Australian comedienne who basically parodies a air hostess from the sixties. Well, she starts off like that and slips back into it now and then but in between she is filthy…..and overall, fucking hilarious.

If none of you’ve ever heard of her then she’s well worth going to see.

Anyway, no writing stuff happening other than the imment finishing of my third book ‘I’m Rivelino’ and the subsequent raft of rejections I’ll undoubtedly get….

See you later.

PS – My boss is getting knocked out today – not necessarily by me though!


cousin tel said...

I'm on the case, fucking tosser

Daz said...

Comedy clubs, indie nights and Keegans back; you're so nineties retro.

Rivs said...


We had a meeting with our bosses boss yesterday - he saw everyone in the place individually and asked us what we thought of the cunt - I think he's on borrowed time now (I've been practicing my big rights though just in case an opportunity arises!)


If you can remember the nineties then you weren't there!