Thursday, 30 October 2008

Reasons to be cheerful...1...2...3

I'm all fit and healthy again after a very annoying year full of niggling injuries, Russell Brand has been found out for being an unfunny, abusive prick who is the living epitome of 'Emperors New Clothes' syndrome (see also Little Britain and Chris Moyles), Newcastle finally won another game and are out of the bottom three - Liverpool will be shitting theirselves now, My story 'Blagger' is soon to be featured in 'Radgepacket - Tales from the Inner Cities' alongside an exclusive by Danny King, It's nearly Christmas, I'm off to Poole for the weekend tomorrow, Petrol prices are coming down, I've never met Brian sewell of all...SPOOKS IS BACK!!!!!!

Get in.


Daz said...

That woman next door to me is definately a spook. She's doesn't go to bed until midnight and is up again at 4am, this as well a being a cockney in Newcastle who's secretive and vague about her job.

Rivs said...

Sounds stitched on to me...unless she just doesn't like nosy neighbours....

Does she look like she could kill you with her bare hands?

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow Radgepacketeer (I'm in there too). Congrats on getting the number one spot!! Look forward to reading it.

Great post as well, by the way.

Nick Boldock