Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I wonder why he's the greatest dancer...

Firstly apologies to everyone who noticed I had a new post but couldn't access it - this is because computers are the spawn of satan and hate me - no other reason.

Now, on with the nonsense. There's some canny stuff happening at the minute. Byker Books debut publication ‘Radgepacket – Tales from the Inner Cities’ is apparently going to be on sale via their website from the middle of next month and, not only am I going to be in it but they’ve made me the first story which obviously means I’m the best!

Anyway, here’s a link so you can read the blurb they're putting out with it.

Radgepacket - Tales from the Inner Cities

I was in Exmouth at the weekend (I didn’t realise the South had nice bits) and went clubbing at 'The Q Club' it was a bit charva-like but, just so you know, I’m still the best dancer like.

On an unrelated note I noticed Cabinet Ministers Ed Balls and his partner/wife/accomplice Yvette Cooper were cleared of any mispropriety by the Commons Standards Committee in relation to the expenses they claim on their various houses.

Obviously as they have been cleared of any wrongdoing by their fellow politicians who are also doing the same thing and would rather it could all be swept under the carpet then they are whiter than white aren’t they?

This country’s fucked.


cousin tel said...

You're only the greatest dancer when I'm not there

Daz said...

Clubbing at you age?? Get a grip son, going to gigs is the ticket these days.