Friday, 21 November 2008

Who yee calling a Radge?

Woohoo – I’m officially published again!

I received Byker Books inaugaral publication the other day – the seminally titled ‘Radgepacket’ and frankly, it’s fucking class.

Proper stories about proper people doing proper things – about time an all.

Anyway, I’ve stuck a pic up of the front cover (which is a class act in itself!) and if you’re interested in reading it for yourself/giving it to someone as a stocking filler then head over to the Byker Books site as they’ve got all the details on there (it’s cheap an all mind!).

Byker Books

Oooh I got invited to claim my money back from the thieving eskimo bastards that had kept hold of it for the last couple of months this week as well – theoretically I should be off the breadline again come this time next week – happy days.

All in all a canny week – toodle pip.


Yvonne Young said...

Well done, you little twat, I`m mad jealous. But seriously, love the cover, have to buy it to see if the rest is as good, should be if its owt like yer blog. YY

Rivs said...

Little? I'm fifteen stone!

I'll give you the twat one like.

Aye, it's a good read - some excellent 'gritty' stuff in it and an exclusive by Danny King - bit of a departure from his usual style like.

Worth six quid anyway - cheers.

Daz said...

Just had a look at their website, looks cracking, i might even submit something myself.