Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Separated At Birth - Part 4

Mike Ashley / Freddy Shepherd

Honestly, they could be twins!: -

• They both made disastrous, ridiculous and, frankly, criminal managerial appointments in the likes of Joe 'Fuckin' Kinnear and Graeme 'I only like proper players me' Souness.

• They both surrounded themselves with absolute clowns who they paid from the supporters money - Douglas Hall, Derek Llambias, Dennis Wise, did I mention Graeme Souness?

• They both (to date) have left the club in a worse position in which they found it.

• I hate them both

• They both forced out Kevin Keegan because he knew more about the club and the city than they did and they were jealous.

• They're both obese.

• They both use(d) as much spin as possible to keep the fans onside without realising that everyone is a lot more media savvy these days and can see right through them.

• They both got caught out treating the fans like mugs - Shepherd via the News of The World (I haven't forgotten fatty!) and Ashley via Keegan's tribunal where he and his regime admitted lying to fans repeatedly.

• They’re both cunts.

Lest we forget...


Daz said...

It's not all bad, they have both provided the supporters of other clubs many many laughs over the years. Ha Ha. Can't wait for the 6 points and +7 goal diff next year.

Rivs said...

I think we might stay up you know!

Granted we won't bother the top eight very much but we could beat the likes of Hull, West Ham, Pompey, Bolton, Wigan etc now and we're obviously better than West Brom and whoever else comes up so I think we might just be alright - sixth bottom I reckon.

Mind you, Ashley will find some way to fuck it up.