Monday, 16 January 2012

Brit Grit Too...and a bit of a review...


I contributed a story to a charity anthology entitled 'Brit Grit Too' some time ago and then promptly forgot all about it (I'm a busy man ye kna!) Anyway, it's out on the Kindle and it's cheap so have a look.

I was reminded of it recently when someone pointed me to a review of said anthology in which the reviewer said : 'Andy Rivers' superb Geraldine comes immediately to mind. A twisted tale of football fans and murder, told with real sympathy (underneath the macho exterior) and a genuine voice. The narrator honestly feels like somebody I've met and forgotten.'

Here's a link to the full review in case you think I'm talking nonsense. 

Canny eh? Now buy my books and see if he's talking shite!! ;-)

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