Monday, 17 March 2008

Can't buy me love...

I've just heard on the radio that Heather Mills has been awarded twenty four million english pounds as part of her divorce settlement from Paul Mcartney.

She then had the temerity to bleat that she and her daughter would be unable to travel first class any more - I must have missed the bit where she contributed to his vast fortune through her work with...??

What fucking planet does she live on? Twenty four million notes just for shagging a wrinkled old scouser a couple of times - she's been well overpaid if you ask me. I reckon if she'd been paid by her true worth she'd have to have had sex with him about...oooh...forty eight million times.


Lee said...

I think the cash has more to do with the upbringing of the child (I have just as much venom and bile for the CSA as you do for Politicians ;)) rather than anything else.

She did bleat on though, a 'mere' 35k a year to raise the child then turning around and saying they will be travelling 'B Class' whilst he travels 'A Class'.

What the fuck that has to do with raisng the kid i dont know.

cousin tel said...

Apparently he used to get drunk and beat her up, doesn't sound like any drunk old scouser I've ever heard of

All joking aside she's a cunt

Daz said...

she has got big tits though and thats what matters most in all of this.

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