Thursday, 13 March 2008

Money's too tight to mention...

I realise I’m preaching to the converted here but yesterdays budget has simply washed over me in a wave of apathy. The reasons for this are as follows:-

Our rancid hospitals routinely kill people through their superbug infections

The Police are nowhere to be seen anymore – well unless you haven’t paid your council tax or you’ve been speeding in your car then there’s a van load of them smashing down your door.

Our courts think of criminals as victims and uphold their ‘Human Rights’ whilst disregarding ours.

Our school system is collapsing as they become lawless, violent places which churn out ever thicker, more feckless youths.

Our road and rail networks are an absolute shambles and national embarrassment.

Our Armed forces have been short changed and betrayed by the idiots who are meant to be leading them

We give money, houses and cars to anybody who turns up and utters the magic word ‘asylum’ whilst our pensioners who lived through the post war hard times and helped build this country back up die through hypothermia and are imprisoned for being unable to afford their council tax.

We are the most taxed and spied upon nation in the world (my opinion anyway)

That’s just stuff off the top of my head, there’s probably things I could write about corrupt politicians, little hitlers in council offices, the scandal of the state of refuse collection, the way fuel is twenty five pence a litre more expensive now than it was a couple of years ago and …ooh loads more stuff.

The reason I’m not going to is that I really can’t be arsed – what’s the point when politicians themselves don’t give a monkeys and spend most of their time laughing at us – well when their snouts aren’t in the trough that is.

Yesterday during the budget speech David Cameron voiced the fact that the Labour part had imposed on the people of this country ‘the heaviest tax burden in our history’

Labour’s Childrens minister Ed Balls (an apt name for an utter cock) retorted with ‘So What?’ This was then disputed by the Labour party as their mighty spin machine swung into action but he was clearly heard by many.

Mind you, as he and his partner, Minister Yvette Cooper, take over £582,892 a year in taxpayers money through their combined salaries and ‘expenses’ I don’t suppose they do give a fuck.

I don’t suppose for one minute they have to decide whether to put an extra jumper on or turn up the heating.

I don’t suppose they wonder whether they can afford to fill the car up this week.

I don’t suppose they have to make the decision to shop at Aldi or Tescos

Come election time though I’m thinking we won’t have much of a decision to make either – although, given our rich history of revolution, insurrection and civil war it might not even get that far when the fuel goes up again.

Here’s hoping eh!


Daz said...

I think it's only £500 to stand as a councellor at the elections.
If you had a manifesto that was to include curbing immigration/asylam (only let in the qualified), bring back the death penalty/real 'life' sentences, give a referendum on europe and put more police on the beat, then i reckon you could stand in most working class areas and win. I sometimes wish i had the drive to do it.

Rivs said...

I wish I had £500!

Lee said...

Your not weighing up the benefits here, look at it from a bigger perspective man. £500 notes is an investment, you can have it claimed back in expenses in no time! ;)

The working class angle is how Ronnie Campbell got his meal ticket (local labour bod for Blyth), works a treat here in the northeast :P

cousin tel said...

Just claim it back on expenses, after you've been to John Lewis with your 23 grand