Thursday, 6 March 2008

Lions led by donkeys...

I hope you’ve all swotted up on your French and German boys and girls as it’s looking like English won’t be required for much longer.

Gurning Gordon yesterday carried through the task left to him by Tony Blair and sold us out to his mates in Brussels ably assisted by the ‘leader’ of the Lib-Dems (incidentally there’ll be a highly paid, full time euro president when the new treaty is officially ratified. Guess who that’ll be? Yup, step forward Tony – penny dropping yet?)

I expect shoddy behaviour from the man in charge of a joke party like the Lib-Dems but I’m also old enough to remember when The Labour party were interested in advancing the cause of the working classes rather than feathering their own nests. I’ve never liked the Tories (mainly because I grew up in the North that Thatcher tried to kill and will therefore be drinking heavily when she dies!) but there’s no way I can consider voting for a party that consistently lies, cheats and is only interested in taking as much money as possible off me in stealth taxes.

Ministers fiddle their expenses and live in luxury while we all struggle to pay rising power, water and fuel bills before being carted off to filthy hospitals and abusive nursing homes to see out our days – what exactly happens to all that money we pay into National Insurance over our lifetimes?

What are we actually paying them foranyway? All the laws are made in Brussels now and we’re not allowed to do anything unless they give us the nod – what do they actually do in the Commons?

Anyway, I’m off to buy my French Golden Delicious by the Kilo (you go to jail if you use pounds and ounces remember) before taking out a mortgage for a litre (not a gallon) of petrol.

Vive la Revolution.


Daz said...

I disagree with the Thatcher comments, she's the best prime minister we've had in my lifetime. The miners and their unions were lazy, workshy cunts, and there was none of this liberal political correctness when she was around. In those days you worked or you got fuck all, and i bet she would have brought back hanging if she wasn't nobbled by her own party.

Rivs said...

I agree that the unions needed a slap - I've never been a union type man myself and hated all that closed shop bollocks that went on if you wanted to work somewhere.

BUT, she was also a career politician and she made sure that financial aid went to where her voters were and that didn't include Newcastle. The toon in the eighties wasn't the cosmopolitan, fantastic city it is today mainly becuase that cow ensured that big government contracts for things like ships went elsewhere and people ended up on the dole ensuring no cash to be spent on consumables thus preventing the growth of the city.

I travelled round the country in the Eighties watching my team get beat and the A1 was a fucking disgrace, two lanes of deathtrap however, as you got to the more southern cities you'd find three lanes of newly tarmac'd smooth road - where were our taxes going?

Anyway, I can agree with you to a point but here's my final criticism of her - Tony Blair learnt all he knew about politics from her and modelled his 'New Labour' party on her ...and we're all living with the consequences today!!!

cousin tel said...

I agree the A1 north of leeds is a bag of wank

Rivs said...

Can you buy it in bags nowadays? I could (quite literally) be sitting on a fortune!!