Wednesday, 3 June 2009!

Well, that’s that then! Frankly, I’m glad this abortive season is all over and, even though we got relegated I’m just relieved it’s all finished.I’ve got to ask the question though – how on earth did Mike Ashley make all that money when he is blatantly as thick as fuck?

What kind of idiot backs Dennis Wise over Kevin Keegan IN NEWCASTLE?

What kind of stupid, fat, clueless cunt even contemplates Joe ‘me heart’s fucked and I haven’t been a manager since relegating Forest about ten years ago’ Kinnear as the manager of a team in freefall?

What kind of imbelic, brain dead, makem like, fucking pleb then doesn’t replace the aforementioned Mr. Kinnear and instead lets the team and club and city slide to it’s doom before bringing in someone professional once it’s too fucking late?

I’ll tell you what kind – the same kind of obese moron that then decides to sell the club and put it in managerless limbo just as everyone else is preparing for next season thus condemning us to another season of fucking about, playing catch up and getting nowhere.

Anyway, apparently the Sultan of Oman is sniffing around so let’s hope he comes up with the shekels sharpish and we can fuck the fat doylum off quickly and get back to being a football club again instead of a spoilt rich boy’s plaything.

Speaking of spoilt rich boys I was a bit surprised at the Villa fans being so jubilant at sending us down like – I realise that the media have managed to turn us into football lepers as far as the rest of the country is concerned but they were properly, eye bulgingly, face contortedly, screamingly, about to burst a fuse, desperate to send us down and I can’t for the life of me remember what we’ve ever done to them?

Every Villa fan I spoke to before and after the match (and there was a canny few – I’ll talk to anyone me, I mean I’m even talking to you now aren’t I…) didn’t want us to go down – so where did the 30,000 who did come from?

Anyway, they’re on my list now (it’s getting long my list) and, as we all know, football is cyclical and what goes around comes around. Twenty years ago Man Utd were a mid-table team with a barely known Scottish manager who most of their fans wanted sacked. So there’ll come a time when we can do them a bad turn and when that happens I’ll be there laughing my head off at them. Well that’s if any of the fickle fuckers turn up. These are the same fans who were booing Martin O’ Neill and their team off the pitch a few games ago – in fact if there’s any justice in the world at all then their chairman – the admirable Mr Lerner and Ashley will swap clubs – now that’d be funny!


Daz said...

Speaking of fickle i can't wait to see you attendance figures when you don't come straight back up.

Rivs said...

We've just gone down with the highest average attendance figures for a relegated premiership team.

We haven't won a trophy in forty years yet have still filled our ground for every home game for the last twenty years.

We're hardly fucking glory hunters are we?

Daz said...

Glory is relative and in those terms the last 15 years have seen you in gloryland, whereas the next 15 don't bode so well. If you stay down in the championship for 2 seasons and still get over 40,000 i'll be impressed.

Rivs said...

A lot of people aren't going to renew while Ashley is pocketing their cash. Once he fucks off we'll be alright.

Speaking of fickle I've just been reading comments of how Ferguson has 'lost it' because of the decision to sell Ronaldo - mind you they mirror the 'Fergie must go' ones I read after you'd lost the Champs League final....maybe fickleness is relative...?