Tuesday, 16 June 2009

State of the Police....

Did you see them coppers on the news last night. For those who didn’t I’ll set the scene.

There’s a bloke on the floor who has been ‘tazered’ with two coppers holding him down. Two more coppers then arrive and proceed to also hold the bloke down – despite the fact he’s barely moving anyway. Copper number one then shouts ‘get off him’ and tazers the bloke again while he’s still on the floor they all then hold him down again before one of the other coppers, an undoubted hard man who hides behind his badge, then punches the bloke in the head three times before they haul him off.
Apparently the bloke had ‘assaulted a police officer’ so it was okay for them to beat him up.

Now ask yourself this question – if the bloke had broke into your house and assaulted your wife before you and three of your mates got hold of him, electrocuted him twice and then smacked him in the head – who do you think would have been arrested?

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Daz said...

I agree, i was once severely throttled whilst i had my hands cuffed behind my back in the back of a police van by a brave copper, all i did was walk down a road they didn't want me to whilst a bit pissed. Some of them are twats, be interesting to see if they get done.