Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New year (I know it's late!)

In a magnificent feat of techno-wizardry I've added ratings and comment boxes to all of my short stories and extracts on my website - now you can all tell me exactly what you think - go on have a go.

Also, I was informed by Freewebs before Christmas that they'd be using my effort as one of their example sites and I could expect a lot more traffic in January so make sure, as my original fan base, you get in their first - I'll still talk to you when I'm minted and famous though!

Make sure you spread the word...and the link!!


Daz said...

With this advance in technological science am I to take it you've recovered from the new year then? School nights and pivo don't mix, even for an old soak like you.

Rivs said...

Old soak??

I'm an athletic, supple, boxing machine me...

Tried to ring you back from work the other day but nee answer on your moby - I assumed you were asleep!!