Friday, 4 January 2008


Right, you know how everyone has just gone back to work following the Christmas and New Year break - Well I’m going on holiday for two weeks from Monday!

That means I’ll be incommunicado in the States and thus not able to comment on things like :-

• Massive price rises in energy bills way above inflation
• The railway fiasco in this country
• Our inept government handing over yet more of our lives to their paymasters in Brussels
• My boss being a wanker
• Our Mp’s denying essential services a decent pay rise (in England anyway!) whilst awarding themselves raises way above inflation
• The stupidity of Premiership footballers
• The ‘celebrity’ culture and why people who believe everything they read in ‘OK’ and ‘Hello’ are the spawn of Satan
• The tosser who keeps parking outside my house
• Chris Fucking Moyles
• Students

Obviously that list isn’t exhaustive but it covers most things I would have vented my spleen about.

Anyway, I’m off for a bit, try to get by without me and I’ll see you soon.



cousin tel said...

Whats your beef with Chris Moyles now??? He's been on holiday for 2 weeks, are you missing him?

Have a good holiday in America, be careful though, they're all extremely stupid and are bound to irritate you

CresceNet said...

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Daz said...

No matter where he is Chris Moyles being a boorish arsehole is one of life's constants.

cousin tel said...

Chris Moyles is like marmite, love or hate, but everyone has an opinion. As you may all be aware I am a long term fan of Moyles simply because one of the biggest parts of his style is to rant. I fucking love ranting. That's probably why i visit this website.

(Fasthands and Moyles, notice how you never see them in the same room together)