Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Why Radio 1 is shit...(except for Jo Whiley)

I’ve just listened to a fat, ugly radio 1 DJ lampooning my regional accent on a national station.

He shouted and screamed abuse about someone who has had the audacity to leave the employ of his favourite football team whilst his sycophants and hangers on wet themselves laughing at his ‘hilarious’ (and extremely repetitive) Geordie impression safe in the knowledge that he wasn’t picking on them.

Two questions:-

1. Why is my licence fee (which I have no choice but to pay) being used to mock me and my fellow Novocastrians?
2. Is this ‘act’ of his not reminiscient of the same stagecraft as that employed by Jim Davison in his 70’s heyday when the another section of the community was on the receiving end?

Mind you he wasn’t as cocky when he appeared on ‘Never mind the Buzzcocks’ a few years ago and got savaged by PROPER funnymen and he ran crying to the tabloids that they were nasty to him. A bit different when the people on the show aren’t actually paid to laugh at your ‘jokes’ eh Chris?

It is my opinion that he was bullied as a child and didn’t lose his virginity until he was twenty eight – this would explain his frustration at his own ugliness and obesity and his need to take it out on the rest of the world – Obviously that’s just my opinion and I have no facts to back this up (although he is both ugly and indeed obese.)

Finally, I would just like to make you, my loyal readers, a promise. If I ever meet Mr Moyles I shall ask him if he fancies regaling me with his hilarious impression in a separate room, away from his disciples...and then I shall break his fat jaw.



cousin tel said...

couldn't agree more, blokes a tosser, can't stand him......

Two things

1. How did you hear it?

2. Remind me never to take the piss out of your accent again (to be fair, i live in the west midlands so even the scouse accent sounds pleasant to me)

Rivs said...

I've calmed down now, however, he's still an ignorant, childish, fat, ugly, little-cocked, no-mates, CUNT!

Daz said...

The stupid wanker is top of my celebrity hit list followed closely by David Walliams and that cunt off GMTV who does the television review (Claire says he called Richard Arnold).