Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Success at last...well sort of.

Big News....well after a fashion anway.

I've won a prize in a a competition run by Byker Books. My story 'The Invisible Man' has scooped a free book from them by the inimitable Danny King - which is a good thing.

Further to this though, through their link up with Newcastle Fanzine 'True Faith', I'm going to also see the story published in there for the first issue of the new football season!!

Vast amounts of exposure to Newcastle fans just as I've finished writing a book about my exploits following the Mags.

It's a sign I tell you, a sign....


Daz said...

Speaking of signs you've just signed an unknown Argentinian forward from Real Mallorca for 5million, he's a top scout lik that Dennis Wise. Ha, Ha, Ha

Rivs said...

I think you'll find he's a winger and plays in the same Argentinian international team as Tevez.

He's bound to be shite if no-one's heard of him isn't he - just like Ronaldo and Ginola were.....

Anyway, I remember Ralph Milne so fuck off!!