Monday, 17 December 2007

The bells are ringing out for Whitley bay...


Bit of an eventful one on Saturday as five of us went to Fulham to watch Newcastle thrash the local team. The match itself was shite - apart from the last minute winner, courtesy of a penalty by Joey Barton, and we could all have saved ninety minutes of our lives by just sticking our heads in for the last thirty seconds.

Either side of the match some good stuff happened :- I sold the spare ticket I had and therefore didn't suffer financially, We got our train tickets (that cover the tubes as well) for less than half price thanks to some wheeler dealing, we abused everyone we came into contact with and one of the lads won £80 by backing Barton to score both the first and the last goals.

So after a heavy days drinking we headed back to Marylebone station in good time to catch the last train. Two tube stops from the railway station with at least twenty minutes in hand it all goes tits up. Some inconsiderate cockney gets himself stabbed on our tube and everything grinds to a halt - despite our best efforts to get a black cab we missed the last train and I was forced to think (not easy when you've been on the hoy all day).

Five minutes later and it's sorted, we get the only train available to Aylesbury where a minibus (organised by my good self) is waiting to transport us to Banbury for the princely sum of a tenner each. On arrival we got dropped off at a pub organised by 'The Shado' that was happy to let us in at daft o clock in the morning.

All in all a good day out, three points for the lads and we didn't get our heads kicked in.

Ps - the title of the post refers to a doylum who was with us being convinced that 'Fairytale of New York' was really about the coastal regions of the North East of England - plum!


THE-SHADO said...

I like the way you didn’t mention your wheeler dealing in selling your spare ticket.

Ticketless kid: “I’ll give you £35”.
Rivs: “No give me £25”.

Ha Priceless.

Ps: I’m still pissing razorblades and feeling like a couple of fortnights in a bad balloon…

Daz said...

so you're still living up to your marvellous marvin haggler title.