Thursday, 13 December 2007

Ins and oots...

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d give you my seasonal view on what’s in and what’s out for 2008. Use this guide wisely and you’ll be top of the tree next year (see what I did there).


Supporting your team
Abusing Politicians at every opportunity
Turning Vigilante
Being English
Being a major Publisher
And signing up gritty Geordie talent
Being Bald
Being Cool
Being an Uncle


Being whingy tabloid fodder
Believing Politicians
Having faith in British Law
Being British
Being a publisher and not signing up gritty Geordie talent.
Having hair
Drama Queen, victim behaviour a la Jeremy Kyle/Jerry Springer
Not being an uncle

Happy Christmas you bunch of plums!


THE-SHADO said...

Hair is always IN my friend. Always. Never, ever, out.
Hair is always the new black.
Even when Blonde, it's always the new black.

cousin tel said...

I have hair too and I can confirm it is indeed great.

Rivs said...

You're both mincers. Fact.

Daz said...

Hair is for bairns, proper blokes are uncles.

uncle tel said...

I tick all the boxes


Uncle (5 times over)


Dad to be

Proper Geezer

Congratulations Daz