Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Misteltoe and whine...

Well then lads and lasses, Christmas week is nearly upon us, we've all nearly finished work and the boozers are full of once a year drinkers that simply clog up the place and stop you chatting up the barmaid with lines she's never heard before.

With this in mind I thought I'd round up the week for you before signing off until 2008 (I'll be far too busy, eating, drinking and chatting up barmaids to blog any more this year).

The Lib Dems elected a new leader...Well that'll make all the fucking difference won't it!! Gordon Brown must be shitting himself now - unless he's taxed doing that now.

A Man Utd reserve is being questioned regarding an alleged rape at a hotel where the Man Utd players were having their Xmas party. Call me cynical but, without reading any of the story or knowing any of the facts, I'm of the opinion that it's a load of bollocks.

Drunk footballer + Willing Girl = Tabloid exposure and money in the bank - End Of.

I'm going on my 'xmas do' from work tomorrow, those of you who know me will know that my boss is a cock and I'll be doing well to keep my job - maybe I'll just chat barmaids up all night and keep out of his way!

Anyway, that's probably it from me for 2007 - I hope you all have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year. Personally I'm looking forward to meeting my new nephew before eating and drinking myself into oblivion on xmas day.

See you all next year - Cheers



Daz said...

The big lad can't wait to see his uncle Andy either, he's expecing a Nintendo and PS3.

Rivs said...

He's going to learn about his uncle Andy at an early age then isn't he!