Thursday, 19 April 2007

Conspiracy Theory No. 657,890

Here are some facts to digest...

  • Charles N'Zogbia, a left winger, was one of the few bright spots in an awful season for Newcastle United last year, starting twenty seven league games and being, quite rightly, voted the North East young player of the season.
  • Arsene Wenger, no mean judge of young french talent, then started sniffing round.
  • In the summer Glenn Roeder spent a third of his transfer budget on Damien Duff, a left winger, and both he and the chairman, Mr. Shepherd, exclaimed loudly about this being the bargain of the transfer window.
  • Mr Roeder then went on record as saying that this didn't mean Charles was being frozen out and he would be getting plenty of games this season.
  • Charles has played ten league games thus far this season, mainly in central positions.
  • On 30th March Newcastle declared a loss of approximately seven million pounds up to 31st December of this season and have played for most of it with no recognised left back, seemingly unable to acquire one through two transfer windows.
  • No dividend was paid to shareholders as a result of this loss
  • Mr. Shepherd is one of the main shareholders at Newcastle United
  • A local journalist, Mr. Alan Oliver, has recently singled out Charles N'Zogbia for scathing criticism despite the whole team, many of them experienced internationals, playing poorly all season.
  • Damien Duff in particular has been awful but has somehow kept Charles out of the first team.
  • Mr. Oliver has gone on to suggest that Charles may be asking for a transfer after a recent bust up with the manager.
  • Mr. Oliver has a column in the matchday programme at Newcastle United
  • Arsenal are reportedly ready with a bid of £3 million.

    The above are all facts, the rest is my opinion...

    If I was to suggest that when Charles goes to Arsenal, wins things, gets picked for the french national team and skins us every time he plays us in future then I probably wouldn't be far wrong. If I was also to suggest that the local press, and Mr Oliver in particular, will be full of stories about how the player wants to go and it's nothing to do with the management, he's a mercenary etc. then I don't think that would make me Mystic Meg either!

    Stop the spin - Shepherd Out


Phil D said...

Not far short of the truth Rivs.

Mag said...

Funny how you seem to ignore the serious knee injury that N'Zogbia picked up. Nice bit of propaganda that the Times would be interested in. Bravo.

Ps you also seem to ignore that N'Zogbia himseslf prefers playing central midfield. So hang on there's two major muck ups in the article!!!

Is this Mr Oliver in disguise?

Rivs said...

In reply to Mag...

A - N'Zogbia has been fit for quite some time.

B - I've never read the Times so I would'n't know.

C - N'Zogbia made his name as a left sided midfield player - do you know him personally.

'Bravo'? - I've never met anyone from Newcastle who uses that phrase - do you sit in the directors box by any chance?

Daz said...

I can remember another young French lad being allowed to leave the club in fairly recent years, (he goes by the name of Saha and is currently looking to win the treble with Man Utd), so your prediction about Charles picking up silverware when he goes is probably spot on.
Keen eye for a player/manager/fast buck has fat Freddy.

jonny c lately said...

Young charles has been somewhat overrated since day one in my opinion,the lad lacks the pace and guile necessary to cut it as a left sided midfielder at the highest level,i think we should set about converting Charles to left back which is where he would end up playing for arsenal.It is also possible that the lad will never fulfill his potential at SJP because he has never looked 100% focused since having his head turned by Arsenal.Am i the only one who thinks that Charles has taken to doing his training in KFC with "fatty" Carr? He literally seems to be twice the player he was when he signed off last year.