Monday, 23 April 2007

Yesterdays Match.

Not a bad result yesterday but I was surprised by Chelsea's approach to the game, you'd imagine that the chance to close the gap on Man U would have resulted in them having the odd attacking move now and then wouldn't you? Maybe it was the thought of vainly dashing themselves against the wall that is our legendary defensive unit that deterred them from even trying - who knows?

From a Newcastle point of view the odd goal now and then wouldn't go amiss either because, as Wor Kevin Keegan pointed out in an interview last week, if you don't concede you can't lose BUT if you don't score, you can't win - and we do need to win occasionally.

It's worth thinking about Mister Roeder.


Daz said...

Cheers for the draw lads, maybe now you'll bring out a video about it
Daz (Man Utd Fan.)

Rivs said...

You're welcome gloryhunter.

I'd rather a proper team like Man U won the title anyway - it's their 'holy grail' apparently!

tel said...

True we bottled it, but why are manusa a proper team and we're not, is it because of the money (yawn yawn). The team with the most dosh wins the league, thats how it works. There isn't a club in the country who would have said no to Romans money, we were just the lucky ones. Everybody who says they want manu to win it are the same people who hated them 5 years ago. Not that I'm wound up or anything ;-)

Rivs said...


I'm not one to cause trouble but... Daz from Man U said that the red army could take the headhunters anyday and that all cockneys have little todgers!

Obviously I can't condone violence but If I was you I'd give him a good kicking.

tel (we've lost it now) said...

Yeah well all man u fans have little there

cousin tel said...

ha rivs, stop trying to get daz a kicking, it was you that said man u are a proper team, you should be ashamed, it's just 70.000 muppets, I remember when you lot nearly won the league you bloody hated them. I reckon it's because we're cockneys, I'm getting a cockney complex and I don't live anywhere near cockney.