Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What's the story? F**k off Porky...

Newcastle United have performed appallingly this season, the millionaire players have, in the main, not bothered their arses. Our Manager promised to sort out the team and bring in players during the January transfer window (never mind that he could've done this before the season started) with the result being one player on loan - the not very good Gooch. We have played virtually all season without a left back and have destroyed the confidence of the series of young reserve centre halves that we have played out of position on that flank. There is a groundswell of contempt building up against the chairman of the club, Mr Shepherd, some of which rose to the surface during and after Saturdays defeat at home to Manchester City. Further to this a number of supporters believe that the local evening newspaper in Newcastle is little more than Mr Shepherd's PR arm, obviously their reporters maintain that this is not the case. Yesterdays first edition of the week covered the match and briefly mentioned the frustrations of the fans with the current regime, however, they chose to lead with a front page story from Mr Shepherd about a £300 million pound extension to St. James Park and how this would benefit the region as a whole and a main back page interview with the chairman detailing how he would be spending money in the summer to improve the team.

I wonder when the season ticket renewal forms will be dropping through the letterbox?

Cynical? Moi?


Snoorky said...

have a quick look at the detials of Shephereds latest press release. I see the "club" has aquired the land that is earmarked to be developed. Keep a close eye on this and the actual ownership of said plot and the twists and turns of this ownership as the planes may/may not develop.

Nothing is as it seems in the land of Shepherd.

snoorky said...

"Superior apartments will also be created in Phase Two of this development, to the rear of the Leazes End, and the new residents of Number 1 St. James' Park will be able to enjoy superb views of the Victorian splendour of the newly renovated Leazes Park and lake."

strange how a in a few years, the houses and parks surrounding SJP have morphed from being a pain in the clubs arse and the reason why SJHs "Barcelona of the North East" failed to take off...now the area is " Victorian splendour"

an about turn from the porcince chairman dont you think ? maybe hes getting soft in his old age and is starting to appreciate the finer things in life.apart from money.

Or else its a last ditch attempt to utilise the land allocated to the dead in the water Casino development.Never saw that coming did we ?

Whatever happens, if the council decide not to approve any of the ambitious development - quite likely for anyone with a grasp of planning issues - then once again the failures of ther Plc will be diverted once agin back to the cursed meddling of the reactionary council bureaocrats.


*shakes fist at council*

Daz said...

To get back to the Keegan days when you looked as though you might win something you need to look at what Spurs done. They bought in a load of young, hungry English players (Dawson, Lennon, Robinson, Defoe, Carrick)and a strong manager that cut his teeth in Holand playing decent football. They haven't won anything yet but are miles better than when Jol took over. What was Roeders record before getting the town job? Fat Freddie has a lot of faults but the biggest one is chosing poor managers - what you lot need is Roy Keane.