Monday, 2 April 2007

Monday, Monday

How was your weekend then? I spent mine digging up tree roots, swearing at my garden and sweating like Steve Mclaren before he goes into work. I woke up this morning aching in places I didn't know I had! I'll be giving the writing a miss today I think, mainly because I can't lift my arms. Got to give blood tonight as well, I'm not sure I've got any left - I think I left most of it on my pick axe handle!

Definitely got the Monday blues today - Mood Rating = 3.

Get some tunes...lose the Monday feeling


Gook said...

Know how you feel mate - glad I'm not Maclaren though.

Badd said...

It must be old age getting you to you Mr. I know that feeling too. After I play footy at the weekend it usually takes me three days to recover and then I have training, so another three days to recover. Its a vicous cycle and it will only get worse with age. I suggest you stick to pruning bonsai's.