Monday, 16 April 2007

Newcastle United Talk In...

As my blog is going so well and I'm attracting vast advertising revenues (jesus, you'd think one of you might click on the ads occasionally!) I've employed a part time roving reporter in the shape of Nick the Nashman aka Nick the Turk aka the Wallsend Ultra. He recently attended a Talk in hosted by Mick Lowes (local radio Presenter), John Anderson (Ex toon player from the 80's and proper hardcase) and Shay Given. Scott Parker was due to attend but pulled out due to the birth of his third child recently (Insert your own joke about pulling out and conception here).

Here are his thoughts...

Alreet mate? Just to let you know what was said at the talk in the other night, Scott Parker withdrew due to the birth of his 3rd child (nowt to do with the stick he got on the previous Saturday!!)

Shay was asked who was the best manager he'd played for and he answered Kenny Dalglish as Kenny had given him his debut. Mick, the host then said it wouldn't be fair to ask him for a worst manager as he was still playing and there was plenty of time for another one. He also asked him who was the best player for his country and Shay replied .........Roy Keane - this was said after asking him about his comments about pats on the back for playing for Eire. Shay's only reply to that was - you cannot win with Roy, he'd also criticise you for not playing you cannot win with him!!! (Rivs note - that's because he's a gobby makem twat!) Shay's reply to the question, who's the best player you played alongside at Newcastle was predictably Big AL.

John Anderson was then asked his views on the same questions and obviously put an 80's slant on his answers. Best Manager - Arthur Cox , Worst was Ossie Ardiles. For best player played
with at Newcastle - Gazza just edged out Chris Waddle and for country - Paul McGrath. He also mentioned that Ruud Gullit was a shocking Newcastle manager and someone in the crowd shouted he was a Pr*ck, Shay smiled and said on the mic that just in case anyone had missed that the man said Ruud was a PR*CK!!!

All in all a good night with a couple players, current and ex, showing they were in fact human. There was one other notable point however, bizarrely Shay said his 1st choice back four would be Carr Moore Taylor Babayaro?????? (Maybe he'd been on the Guinness! Rivs)

Nick the Nashman - predictably taking a fortnight off like all at the DSS!!!!


Daz said...

Footballers talk-in's?? Unless it's one of the old maverick's or a modern-day nutter like Gascoigne then what's the point? I bet everyone fell over with shock when Shay said that his bum-chum Shearer was the best player he'd played with - what next Kieron Dyer telling everyone who his favourite physio is...ooh i can't wait.

Rivs said...

Well Daz, you know what those DSS 'workers' are like, they need something to talk about when they're on strike!