Sunday, 25 November 2007

My new website...

There has been a momentous occurence here at Fasthands towers over the last few days - I am not only the proud owner of an award winning blog* but have now twinned this with my own bona-fide website.

I've decided to present a more professional image to the world of publishing and allow them easier access to samples of my work rather than them having to wade through the abuse and profanity that reverberates around my little blog here.

The link to my website is : -

Now remember this blog was my first ever foray into the twenty first century and as such is still my baby so don't worryabout it disappearing as I spend more time on my new site. Keep checking it out and I'll keep posting but if you're interested, have a look at my site and make sure you spread the word(and the link).

2008 could well be the chinese year of the Fasthands!

*winner of 'best blog in our house award' 2007


daz said...

Facebook, blogs and websites - all this from the bloke who said that mobiles would never catch on.

Rivs said...

I love the 21st Century me like.

Cannit remember much of the 20th mind.