Friday, 23 November 2007

Toot and come in...

I had a big day out in 'The Smoke' yesterday, this started with bubbly at the champagne bar in the new St. Pancras International railway station. very salubrious but at £7.50 per glass I wasn't getting pissed!

From there it was onto my real reason for visiting Landan, the Tutankhamun exhibition - which was good but a bit crowded (bloody tourists - this is my country I should be first!!) meaning that you couldn't spend too long looking at the exhibits.

I then had a pint or two in Covent Garden before being fleeced by 'Maxwells' for some food - honestly I felt violated when I came out - not going there again.

This was followed by a wander up Regent Street to look at the lights (which are shit) and then a casual stroll down Bond Street where I happened upon the switching on ceremony for their lights. This was delightfully old-fashioned with fake snow being blown out of every upstairs window into the street and jugglers and stalls etc lining the whole place - very good.

The lights themselves were switched on by Sophie Dahl, who is a very striking and pretty girl in the flesh, much more so than her picture would normally suggest.

Then, to finish off before getting the late train back to Hicksville, Oxfordshire I took in a comedy show that was situated in the basement of the Thistle Hotel just off Leicester Square, there was one comedian for about an hour and a half and he was very good. His name was Inkey (no I hadn't either) and apparently he's a warm up man for Frank Skinner, if you get the chance check him out.

So that was it - all in all a good, albeit expensive, day out.

Final thoughts on our nations capital - It's like a smaller, dirtier version of Newcastle!


JCL said...

Fuckin hell, Sophie Dahl is "striking and pretty" are you auditioning for Mills and Boon, whats wrong with descriptions like "filthy" or "nice tits" am I to assume this is the beginning of a new Feminist slant to your writing!

Rivs said...

His excitement was palpable as he struggled to control his breathing, quivering, he leaned forward and murmured softly 'Fuck off you ginger puff'.

Anonymous said...


What did you think of The O2?

Rivs said...

It's big, confusing and full of americans.

That apart it's alright.

Daz said...

London is and always has been for puffs, lessa's and cunts

cousin tel said...

Fuckin hell daz, you're making me homesick