Friday, 30 November 2007

Sleazy does it...Part 2

The Metropolitan Police are expected to begin examining evidence about secret donations to the Labour Party after being asked to investigate by the electoral commission.

This has come about because the Labour party received more than £650,000 from one man (David Abrahams) via a series of middlemen which is against the law.

Gordon Brown has since said that the donations will be returned – well he would wouldn’t he, didn’t seem to bother him before the papers got hold of the story though did it?

They’re all coming out of the woodwork now as well :-

Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain has said he failed to register a £5,000 deputy leadership campaign donation, blaming an "administrative error".
Harriet Harman accepted a £5,000 donation from one of the middlemen (Janet Kidd) during the deputy leadership race she eventually won.

Ms Harman said she had no idea the money really came from Mr Abrahams, and had accepted it on the basis that Mrs Kidd was a known Labour donor. She said she acted in "good faith".
Now as we all know the Metropolitan Police has just completed the 19-month, £1.4m "cash-for-honours" investigation into party funding. That inquiry, which cast a shadow over Tony Blair's final months as prime minister, ended with no charges being brought – fuck me, imagine that!!
And now the police are set to begin the second inquiry into the Labour party's finances in two years. They will attempt to determine who knew about the money being channelled to the party through proxy donors, and who broke the law.

This is the second time in the history of our country that a serving Prime Minister has been involved in a police investigation – both of these occasions have happened over the last ten years and both have involved only one party.

Co-incidentally, at the same time, the country has gone to rack and ruin and is now divided into the haves (who live in Ivory Towers surrounded by armed guards and coppers well away from the sink estates they’ve created) and the have-nots (who live in amongst the yobs, hooligans and scum that never have to face to up to the consequences of their actions in case it infringes their human rights).

This country’s fucked.

Happy Friday!!

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Daz said...

When you say the country's fucked you obviously mean England, as anoher legacy of this poor excuse for a government is to subsidise our various celtic neighbours, who in general hate us.