Monday, 5 November 2007

Greece is the word...

Athens is a dirty, smelly, shabby looking, noisy and smog filled place. The streets are filled with beggars, stray dogs and Africans trying to sell you stuff. Our hotel was in the middle of a labyrinth of backstreets that were covered in half ripped posters and rubbish.

But…the history and culture in one of the worlds most ancient democracies is awesome. Going up the Acropolis, seeing the Parthenon and looking out over the vastness of the city is something that stays with you forever. Then… having come back to your hotel and got ready to go out, stepping out into the warren of back alleys to find that you’re actually staying in the most lively and up and coming area in the city is just brilliant.

The back streets that were covered in shite had miraculously morphed into something akin to the Quayside in Newcastle. The boarded up shops, covered with posters and chicken wire were actually bars and restaurants that were heaving with locals and tourists alike. Trendy wine bars mixed with ancient Tavernas, new night clubs stood side by side with pavement cafes’ and there were people drinking, dancing and eating as far as the eye could see.

I drank Mojitos and Mythos, ate cheese pies and souvlaki, indulged in outlandish desserts and generally enjoyed myself immensely.

If you can handle heat, beggars and a city that doesn’t look that pretty in daylight then I can heartily recommend Athens. I fucking loved it.



Daz said...

Glad you had a good time, i suppose the Byker upbringing helped with the tramps and desolation.

cousin tel said...

Beautifully written, you've almost gotten away with comparing it to the quayside, Iheard it was more like the bigg market

Woody said...

Sounds good, you didn't happen to see a ginger stinking born again liver... er newcastle fan begging for sheckles while you were there did you? Cause he wasn't where he said he was going to be at the weekend!