Wednesday, 31 October 2007



Not much happened on the writing/publishing front after last weeks little burst of activity so still a case of fingers crossed there...well until the rejection letter/email comes and then it's a case of fists bunched!

I'm off to Athens in the morning for the weekend so there'll be no posts on here until at least next Monday, probably Tuesday. When you're at work tomorrow and Friday and you're a bit depressed about it just cheer yourself up by thinking of me drinking bottles of Mythos, eating cheese pies and talking to fat lasses with moustaches.

Good luck to the toon against Pompey and to Joe Calzaghe against Kessler - have a good one.



Daz said...

Fat lasses with moustaches? Is Lorraine Kelly going like?

cousin tel said...

greece, kebabs, love it

cousin tel said...

toon 1 - pompey 4

oh dear

Jay Cam said...

going to athens?
have fun!