Thursday, 18 October 2007

Writing News

Some cautiously optimistic writing stuff going on...

A small publishing firm that normally specialise in fishing magazines and books have expressed an interest in seeing a synopsis for my upcoming 'Magpie Ranger' opus.

The firm are thinking of moving into sports publishing and their owner/chairman/head honcho is a mad keen Man Utd fan (never mind - can't have everything) - this development came about after a chance conversation I had at the gym last night with someone I've known for a few months.

'Where were you last week then?'

'It's our busy time at work so I've been struggling to get here'

'Oh what do you do then?'

'I work in publishing'


Cue flashing lights and alarm bells in my head closely followed by my spiel about how good I am and me getting an email this morning from my new best mate asking me to send the synospis today so his boss can have a look.

Now I've just got write the fucking thing!!


Daz said...

Said it all along, it's not what you know. Look at your mate Tara Palmer Tompkinson. Hope you didn't have to suck your mate off to get in though.

Rivs said...

Not as yet...