Monday, 15 October 2007

Madchester...Rave over.

Have you ever heard of Eid? Neither had I before the weekend but it’s basically the culmination of a religious festival. It ends Ramadan and is a bit like our Christmas, entailing a lot of family gatherings and not going to work.

Unfortunately, the majority of taxi drivers in Manchester appeared to be celebrating it and as I mentioned on Friday that our hotel was in Oldham (about 6-7 miles away) it left us at the mercy of the drivers that were cashing in on the shortfall. One of them charged us £45 on Saturday night/Sunday Morning – mercenary c**t!

Anyway, that apart Manchester was alright. Always nice to meet up with the chaps again and behave like we’re still teenagers. Areas of note were ‘The Printworks’ complex and Brannigans bar where a good time was had by all (except for the bloke who was carried out by three bouncers as one of them punched him – he didn’t have a great time). The hotel staff bore our cheek with professional good grace and didn’t even throw out one of our number who decided he could play the piano they had in the bar.

The greatest sign to me that we’re all grown ups now is that no-one got arrested, chinned or even soiled their bed…next thing you know we’ll be getting married and having kids!

PS - Dancer of the trip award went to Big Tel - he threw some proper shapes.


Brannigans barmaids said...

I agree with Tel's award - he was awesome.

cousin tel (the cockney dancer) said...

my favourite quote of the night came from the brannigans bouncer who was deciding whether to let me back in after going for a smoke....."are you ok mate"

cousin tel said...

another one was from smiler who when i asked him "am I rambling" replied "a wee bit, aye"