Thursday, 4 October 2007

Laptop wars...the consumer strikes back!

Following on from yesterday's epic saga of betrayal, incompetence and general apathy, the heartbreaking story of one man's love for technology and the evil faceless androids who deny him what is rightfully his. Read on for the conclusion...

I had boiler bother yesterday as well and a bloke was coming round to have a look in the afternoon so I took a half day off work. As I left at 12.15 Citylink (my new laptop courier) hadn't rung me to say they were on their way so I was confident of being in the house for their arrival.
Imagine my surprise when I found a 'failed delivery' note on my doormat stating they'd been there at 9am and I now had to collect the laptop from their base within 'five working days' - bastards.

I couldn't get to the phone quick enough and was soon on to whichever YTS girl was unlucky enough to answer - the conversation went like this:-

'I spoke to someone yesterday who told me that your driver would ring me when he was near my house thus allowing me time to leave my work and get back to take delivery of something that belongs to me.'

'Unfortunately sir, we cannot guarantee delivery times.'

'I know that why didn't he ring me?'

'Not all of the drivers have phones sir.'

'So last night when I discussed this with one of your colleagues why didn't she tell me that?'

'Unfortunately sir we cannot guarantee delivery times etc. etc.'

So I tried another tack - proper winner this one.

'You want me to collect the thing within five working days yes?'

'Yes sir otherwise it goes back to the manufacturer.'

'So you are acknowledging that people actually have to work but the woirking days thing only applies to your company and no-one else in the world?'

''Unfortunately sir, we cannot guarantee delivery times etc. etc.'

'You're all shit!' - Phone down.

I really didn't want to drive to Kidderminster (sounds a bit rough for a nice lad like me) so in a moment of inspiration I rang the Carphone Warehouse who supply the laptop - their chap couldn't be more helpful. I suggested that he get Citylink to try again but this time to deliver it to my workplace, he agreed and emailed them there and then and guess what - I got it this morning!

Obviously I told the delivery driver what a shit firm he worked for but only after I'd got the laptop.

So all's well that ends well - now to connect my Wifi thingy up...Jesus!

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