Friday, 26 October 2007

The rise of Shit Lit...

Further to yesterdays optimism regarding the rise of bloke centred books my sunny outlook has been tempered by the discovery that Kerry Katona has had her debut novel published.

I can see the publishers point of view – mouthy blonde bint who’s quite prepared to prostitute both herself and her family to the tabloids in order to maintain her status as some kind of council estate figurehead and has some kind of following who’ll faithfully buy whatever semi-literate nonsense she puts out (or get’s someone else to write for her).

But it still boils my piss!!

That apart – Have a good weekend…and spare a thought for Martin Jol!


cousin tel said...

She's a celeb, all the doors are open for's a bitch

Daz said...

Surely nee cunt thinks she's written it? Well maybe the same docile fuckers that think Chris Moyles is funny(incidently he's lapped Jamie Oliver in the race for the celeb i'd like to chin the most)

Anonymous said...

she hasnt written it though i get your frustration. its fucked up that z listers get classed as authors. cocksuckers.

Keep your pecker up man.