Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Honour among thieves

I'm not an expert on the Northern Rock thing but I do know this much:-

  • No-one lost any money

  • The panic was started by someone leaking details of the banks position to the press

  • It was exacerbated by irresponsible reporting in the media

So with this in mind I was dumbfounded to catch the news last night and witness a commons select committee grilling the directors of the bank and telling them the honourable thing to do would be to resign!!!

Politicians telling privately employed people that their conduct was unacceptable and if they had any honour they would resign.


The same breed of people that hang onto their jobs tighter than superglue to your finger when you're fixing things.

The same immoral, corrupt and ignorant band of wankers that take cash for questions, sort out visas for their foreign nannies, shag anything that moves (and some things that don't...probably), send working class men and women to die in foreign fields in order to ensure lucrative speaking tours in America when their career's over, sold our entire country out in exchange for jobs in the european parliament, filled our streets with eastern european gangsters and prostitutes, stole the pensions of millions of britons condemning them to misery in their final years and, worst of all... inflicted Cherie fucking Blair on us.

Politicians talking about honour? That's like me preaching abstention from profanity.

Fuck off!


Daz said...

I hear the Lib Dem's are after a new leader - fancy it?

Rivs said...

What's the money like?

Shall I post them a link to my blog in lieu of an interview?

jcl said...

Wouldn't do that if I were you, look what happened to Mark Oaten when he ran for the leadership last time.