Friday, 12 October 2007

Madchester Rave on...unless you book with Best Western Hotels!

So here’s the story. Two of my friends (well one of them’s my brother but we’re not sure if he was switched at birth or not) are due to become dads either side of christmas. Obviously as we’re all mid thirties these days and a bit old school, a ‘wetting the baby’s head’ session is de rigeur and indeed, obligatory. The only difference to your standard post birth piss up is that we are having ours pre the actual screaming, wailing and ‘don’t ever touch me again you bastard’ bit. Mainly because the two blokes in question don’t think they’ll be allowed out for a while afterwards!.

Anyway, as we’re all in different parts of the country we decided to meet up in Manchester, watch the England match, win loads of cash betting on it (4-0 Owen first goal – you heard it here first) stay on the drink and generally annoy/excite the locals. The decision made we booked our hotel rooms in a central Manchester hotel, ideal for the city centre – well some of us did…others amongst us couldn’t be arsed and as a result the hotel was fully booked so we moved on to number two.

This one was about five miles out, in a studenty area so we could laugh at them through the day before taxi-ing into the centre at night – all sorted. Except…The Best Western Willowbank Hotel, decided last night that for ‘reasons beyond their control’ (ie some Z-list twat from Hollyoaks/Corrie/etc wanted the rooms and would pay more than us) we weren’t welcome but they thoughtfully booked us rooms at one of their partner hotels at MANCHESTER FUCKIN AIRPORT!!!

Cue, lots of cancelling and re-booking at a stupid hour of the night. The net result is that we are now in a better hotel for the same price but will be paying more in taxi fares, money which I shall personally alleviate the pain of spending by pissing in the recption area of the next Best Western hotel I find myself in.

The moral of the story is…If you’re ever in Manchester don’t book with The Best Western Willowbank Hotel because they have the potential to fuck all of your plans at a moments notice without even giving you the courtesy of a reason. In fact they should be renamed Spaghetti Western…as it was obviously all about a few dollars more!


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cousin tel said...

Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to avoid them in the future.

You can get 8-1 on England winning the Cricket, Football and Rugby tommorow. Well worth a punt, now that I've put that in print I'll have to back it as the last time I posted a tip on a CFC forum it came in and I never done the bet.