Tuesday, 23 October 2007

General shite...

So, a few things have happened over the last couple of days:-

The England Rugby team that were expected to fail disastrously at the world cup actually failed quite gloriously (it's what we English do best) and struck a blow for grumpy old (in sporting terms- don't get cheeky) men everywhere. If the 'try' had been given then we'd have won the world cup and made history but, surprisingly, two officials from countries that hate us, both openly and historically, decided it wasn't to be - imagine that.

Lewis Hamilton failed gloriously (again, see above) but he's very young and will probably dominate his sport for the forseeable future.

An independent publishing firm who shall remain nameless expressed an interest in seeing not only the full manuscript of my fantastic novel 'Special' but also that of 'On the March' which I once shouted about on these very pages. If you see both in the shops any time next year then I may rename this humble blog the Fasthands school of Excellence!

And finally, one other little thing happened - Gordon Brown hammered the last nail in the British coffin and sold us to Europe for the price of a job when he gets voted out at the next election. He must be very proud to continue the work that his great friend Tony started.

Well done everyone.


cousin tel said...

That's excellent news about "Special" and "On the March", I have read both books and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Daz said...

I can't believe you didn't temper your posting of Engalnds glorious failure with Newcastle's convincing win last night? You're probably doing that supersticious (can't be arsed to check dictionary) thing where if you don't mention it you'll keep winning.
P.S. Agree with Tel about the books

Rivs said...

Tel & Daz - correct, both books are miles better than any of the shite out there at present...honest!

Newcastle will keep winning whatever I say mainly because Freddy Shepherd, Douglas Hall and, of course, Graeme Fuckwit Souness have nothing more to do with the club. Happy Days.

woody said...

Wouldn't mind having a read of them Rivs if you've got a copy. Before you start charging for them!!

Rivs said...

I cannit speak for 'On the March' as the author of that has little arms and even smaller clems but I'll see if I can sort you out a copy of 'Special'.

When it's published I fully expect to see the colour of your money though (I'll sign it - it'll be worth millions)