Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Writing News

My latest columns for Nufcview and The Bleacher Report can be seen here:-

Comment on them, print them out and put them safely inyour attic - they'll be worth millions one day!


Daz said...

On the education slant, I think it probably helped on Monday that Big Sam played players in their correct positions i.e. Smith wasn't on the right wing.
As for the new leader wearing toon tops and buying people's drinks, that's nowt, Michael Knighton wore a full strip and done some keepy up's, and he didn't even buy the club.
P.S. Is it true that Da Bookie on the NUFC website is a stinking tranny? That's what it says on Winkipedia if you type in Benfield School and look at famous former pupils.

Rivs said...

I had a look and I don't appear to bne on there - making wikipedia shit and out of date.

However, yes he is a ginger haired tranny from Walker.

jcl said...

Actually I'm a strawberry blonde, pursuer of alternative lifestyles who resides in Walkergate!