Monday, 19 November 2007

That one's got Lazyitis...


For years I have had to put up with accusations of idleness and being a lazy bastard - well no more!!

I had a company medical on Friday and, as well as being pronounced fit - yes I am 'Fit' and it's official, it was noticed that I had low blood pressure.

Now this in itself is a good thing, I'll probably never die of anything stress related for instance, but apparently a side effect of this is Lethargy.

So, it appears I am not in fact a lazy, idle, good for nothing but a brave sufferer of a condition I never talk about.

So remember when I don't post anything for a few days - I'm not being lazy I'm Lethargic!!


THE-SHADO said...

Lethargic: - Meaning = Lack of enthusiasm.
The antonym for Enthusiasm is apathy.
A synonym for Apathy = Lazy.

Rivs your are lazy, but call yourself Lethargic if you like
It’s all the same to me.!!

Rivs said...

What's lazy is cutting and pasting stuff you don't understand from online dictionaries.

I'll have to stop I'm getting dizzy...

JCL said...

That's up there with "I can't help being fat,it's me glands"

Rivs said...

Use that a lot do ya??