Thursday, 21 February 2008

Anarchy in the UK...

Here's a hypothetical situation - what do you think should happen and more importantly what do you know will happen:-

A man who is currently on bail, against police advice, for two armed robberies and with a string of violent incidents invoving guns, knives and bats tries to rob a shopkeeper.

Numerous witnesses give 'consistent' accounts of the fact that this man is armed with a knife and is definitely trying to rob the shopkeeper.

The man ends up dead by his own blade, a fact confirmed by the same witnesses.

The shopkeeper is left dazed and with knife wounds in his face, back and neck.

Right so in any right thinking country what do you think should happen?

That's right - the police and judiciary would award the shopkeeper a medal and be pleased that another violent thug is off the streets permanently.

But this isn't a right thinking country.....this is the Britain that Tony built and Gordon continues.

So what do you think has really happened?

Right again - the police who were nowhere to be seen during this attack arrested the shopkeeper and then bailed him pending further enquiries. They have also sent a file to the Crown Prosection Service (maybe CPS should stand for civilian persection service these days? just a thought) for them to decide whether manslaughter or murder charges should be brought against him.

This is the same police who will berate the public for not stepping in or for avoiding getting involved but the minute you do they'll nick you for anything they can as long as it ticks one of their target boxes - on reflection I'll give it a miss if the opportunity presents itself I think (especially with my back!).

Oh and this, incidentally, is in the same week a war hero pensioner was sent to prison for witholding a percentage of his council tax in protest at rising bills and the Lord Chief Justice issued guidelines that any offender who carries out common assault with a weapon (ie a knife or a bat) should only get a community sentence.

Skewed priorities?

It went beyond that some years ago - this country's fucked.


cousin tel said...

Andy, i do agree with you up to a point (the country is fucked) not sure if this example really supports it though. After all a man is dead, the shopkeeper who killed him has only been arrested and bailed pending further enquiries, I actually think that is the right thing to do, where would we be if the police came along and said to the shopkeeper "nice one mate, thats another scumbag off the street". Your point will be proved (and has on many other occasions) if the shopkeeper gets charged and convicted of manslaughter/murder. Until that happens the police have a duty to investigate the death that occured in his shop and he does really need to be arrested at the initial stage of the investigation.

Rivs said...


Aye, I considered that when I was writing it. But there was a time when the Police force used common sense and would have maybe investigated this as a case of self defence (as it obviously was) rather than looking for a reason to prosecute/persecute someone who would almost certainly have died if he had not fought back. The shopkeeper suffered knife injuries to his head and face - the bloke would have killed him without a thought and the police, who again were nowhere to be seen until after the event, don't seem to think that defending himself was a reasonable option for the shopkeeper. Did they expect him to make a citizens arrest and ask the bloke to stand still until they got there?

The police in this country appear now just too eager to nick the person least likely to complain - ie the most law abiding - in an effort to reach their targets and personally I've lost all respect for them (particularly after watching the robocops of the West Midlands constabulary in action at Villa Park last week).

Anyway, keep commenting mate (I know you will ;->) while we're still allowed to talk about these things in public domains!!

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself this Tel; If the robber was killed by a copper protecting himself do you think that the policeman would be on bail pending a manslaughter/murder investifation, or would he be featured in the Sun's annual centrespread 'hero bobbies' competition?

I'm putting my name on the end of my comments now as theyve changed the identity process and i can only get on using anon.

cousin tel said...

Lad's, I agree with the point you are both making, If you live by the sword etc. etc. It's a shocking state of affairs where people who kill someone while simply defending themselves or their property are convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison (like Tony Martin). My point is that there has to be process in place to make the decision, we can't just rely on the first bobby on the scene to decide who's guilty or not.

In this case the very fact that the guy has been released on bail is indicative of what will eventually happen, If the police really wanted to prosecute him he would have been charged and remanded. I'll be surprised if he doesn't walk, I'll also be just as angry and frustrated as you two will at the injustice of it all.


1. I think the copper would still be investigated if he killed someone in self defence/in the line of duty

2. Don't read the Sun

3. Choose the name/url option, it should open up a box for you to write your name in.

4. Enjoy your wetting the babys head night out, sorry I can't be there, see you soon.

cousin tel said...

As predicted by me, the cps has decided no case to answer (I thought this was hypothetical Andy)

Rivs said...

I was taking the piss when I said it was hypothetical.

At the end of the day the bloke has still had the stigma and worry of being nicked and possibly charged with murder simply for defending himself.

I might start a group - 'Tony Martin was right...'