Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Cold Shouldered....

Two things have happened to me so far this week - one good and one bad.

On Sunday night I went to Oxford to see Dave Spikey on his 'laughter is the best medicine' tour - you'll all remember Dave as 'Jerry' from Phoenix nights - and he was very funny. I won't make myself look stupid by trying to repeat anything he said (or did) here but trust me, he was good.

That was the good thing - here comes the bad one...

I've had a bit of bother with my shoulder recently, I damaged it at work and it's stopped me training properly (which is annoying at the best of times) as generally caused me pain. Luckily I'm a tough Geordie hammer thrower so I just ignored it.....well until yesterday.....I was just getting out of the bath (try to contain yourselves ladies - hard I know) and having a stretch before getting ready for work when something in my back popped and left me in a heap on the floor, whimpering like a posh boy in a northern kebab shop at midnight.

Obviously I took the day off work (hooray), but not before securing their promise to pay for some physio, and am hitting the doctors today - hopefully there'll be some lengthy signing off going on.

Anyway, that's it from me today, still no news on my various manuscripts at various publishers but as soon as I know anything then you will.

See you later kids...

PS - Just realised that as the government now own Northern Rock they are, in effect, sponsoring my football team with your taxes - Ha ha cheers lads!!!


cousin tel said...

Your team sponsored by politicions, oh dear, thats gonna take some working out for your next anti government rant.

I had the back thing recently as well, think it must be an age thing. I was only bending down, hammering some nails into a new wardrobe when I felt the dreaded pop, I to ended up on the floor whimpering until my brother in law found me. Took a week of and it was ok.

Had a totally unprovoked twinge the other day though, just as I was getting in the car, it's been giving me gip ever since.

I wish I was 19 again, on so many levels.

Rivs said...

I wish you were 19 again!

Just got back from the doctors and apparently I've hurt my trapezium muscle (mine's massive apparently.....and me trapezium boom boom!).

The fucker's only given me two days off - wouldn't even give me a sick note - honestly this country, mind you I've got to see a physio later and I bet that'll hurt.

It's lucky she's pretty...

cousin tel said...

You might as well take the rest of the week off and self certify

Anonymous said...

proper blokes just graft through injuries of a muscular natue, however tendonitis in the hamstring is another matter.

Rivs said...


funny you should say that - see my next post - ;->

Anon (or Daz),

Tendonitis is for girls - see my next post for the real extent of my proper blokes injury.